The micro blogging site, twitter was used very widely to discuss the matter at all times. Various hashtags and other such trends surfaced, making the scope of discussion larger. Analysis of these tweets helps in understanding the true sentiments of people in both the countries.

Some of the most prominent hashtags were:

This hashtag went a long way into giving the entire world a chance to sympathise with the events taking place in Kashmir. It depicted the rather miserable reality of Kashmir during this time period. Both Indians and Pakistanis were seen ranting about this situation and also showing concern for their fellow brothers and sisters. Although a certain kind of bias was seen in some cases, the overall disscussion under this hashtag was seen to be quite neutral.

Under this hashtag we could see a lot of Pakistani individuals showcasing their views on the Kashmir issue. Most of them were seen posting slogans that suggest that Kashmir must be freed so that it may become a part of Pakistan as it was meant to be. The tweets under this hashtag are quite gruesome as the media used to put the point across shows us the harsh realities of Kashmir at the moment.

This was a very important (yet highly controversial) hashtag that arose from the surgical strikes in Uri. Under this hashtag, individuals from both the countries were seen playing the blame game. The inner patriot of people from both nations was brought out and it resulted in nothing but a lot of hate.

This was the hashtag that personally restored a lot of faith in me about the two nations. Under this hashtag people on either sides of this story are seen talking about bringing the two nations together. Every tweet oozes of the true emotions of these individuals. It tells us just how much the normal citizens of each country are sick of this hatred and want nothing but peace.

This hashtag has played a big role in showing us exactly what the residents of Kashmir themselves have to say about the on going disscussion. This hashtag was filled with pictures of the condition of the state. It showed the gradual uprising of Kashmir after being shut down during the resurgence of this issue. It shows how the people are slowly falling back into their old patterns.

Other than the above mentioned hashtags, people were also seen making jokes (that are heavily biased) about the controversy.


Check out the entire tweet compilation here:

Check out some other hashtags that didn’t make the list as well!:


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